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Fun & Engaging Online Guitar Lessons for Children & Adults

Would you like to learn how to play the guitar? Has your child expressed an interest in playing?


I offer one-to-one Zoom guitar lessons for children and adults (age 7+). If preferred, lessons can also take place on FaceTime.


My Zoom guitar lessons are perfect for beginners! You don't need any special equipment - all that's required is a smartphone, tablet or computer - and an acoustic or electric guitar! (If you are using an electric guitar, you will need an amp.)


For children and complete beginners, I recommend a small acoustic guitar with nylon strings.

I keep a Progress Log for every student which I update at the end of each lesson, helping them to track their progress over time, and consolidate their learning. I also teach music theory and sight reading alongside the guitar to give students a good basic knowledge, so that they understand as we go along, enabling them to become a better guitarist and all-round musician. 

Lessons are £18 for adults, and £16.50 for children (under 18 years old).

Young blonde girl enjoying a Zoom guitar lesson
Online Guitar Lessons Aberdare

Online Guitar Lessons for Children and Adults

Enjoy learning guitar from the comfort of your home! Lessons are suitable for adults and children age 8 years+. All lessons take place on Zoom or FaceTime.

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What You Will Learn

Learning to play the guitar opens so many doors to musical and social activities!


In your Zoom guitar lessons with me, you will receive a complete musical education including (but not limited to) the following areas:

What you will learn during Zoom guitar lessons
What you will learn during your Zoom guitar lessons

I provide personalised virtual guitar lessons unique to your interests and musical goals, and I always aim to make the lessons fun, interesting, and varied. 

Find out about the benefits of online music lessons and why so many people are now choosing to learn in this way. 

Are you unsure whether to buy an acoustic or electric guitar? This is a great article offering lots of useful tips to keep in mind when searching for your first guitar!

Book an Online Guitar Lesson

Fun & Informative 1-2-1 Virtual Guitar Lessons

If you have any questions about my Zoom guitar lessons for children and adults, or would like more information about booking a lesson, please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (Don't forget to press the Submit button once you've filled it out!)


If you prefer, you can give me a call, or contact me on WhatsApp by clicking on the icon below.

There are limited spaces available so get in touch to book your Zoom guitar lesson today!

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Guitar Lessons, Aberdare

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