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Online Group Piano Class on a Laptop

Online Group Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

Would you like to learn piano alongside your family or friends? Start taking online group piano lessons and share your musical journey with others!

Online Group Piano Classes
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Group Piano Lessons for Children & Adults on Zoom

Group lessons cost £14 per person for half an hour.

If you and your friends or family members would like to learn how to play the piano together, you may wish to learn virtually as a group and share your journey with people you already know. (Minimum of 2 students per session).

Online group lessons have the same format as one-to-one lessons for children and adults, except that you are learning as part of a small group instead of just you and the teacher.


All group lessons take place over Zoom. They can be especially good for beginners, as you will be learning alongside others at the same level when you are just starting out. Why not take classes with your own family and friends?

Group classes are less expensive than one-to-one lessons because the cost of the lesson is shared between students attending.

What You Will Learn in Your Online Group Piano Classes

You don't need to have any prior musical knowledge to attend my group sessions! All you need is a piano or keyboard, and a device with video calling capability (a smartphone, tablet or computer.)

The group sessions are enjoyable and informative, with quizzes to test your musical knowledge, fun games, and social activities.

Some of the topics you can expect to cover in the online piano group classes may include:

Piano Lessons List

If you have started lessons as part of a group but you would like to sit digital piano exams, I recommend transitioning from group classes to one-to-one lessons for children or adults.

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The Benefits of Learning As a Group

Studying the piano in a group format can be a very effective and enjoyable method for new learners, or people who are returning to the piano after learning it in the past.

There are a number of reasons why students may wish to learn in this way:

  • It becomes a social activity allowing you to meet new people and make friends

  • Share your journey with others in the same position

  • Helps to increase self-confidence and engagement

  • It inspires motivation and encouragement from others

  • Promote and develops teamwork skills

  • Less expensive than one-to-one tuition

  • People working in small groups often learn more of what is taught and retain it for longer than when the same material is presented in other instructional formats.

Aberdare Piano Teacher

Ready to Try an Online Group Piano Lesson?

It's so much fun learning the piano as part of a group, alongside people you already know!

Please get in touch to find out more about my online group piano classes for children and adults, and how to enroll.


From there, we will arrange a free Zoom call to meet each other, discuss availability, and what we will cover in the sessions.

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Online group piano lessons for adults and children
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